Lannacombe, South Devon



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2016 Bob Marx
In the Wake of Galleons
2016 Dan Pascoe
Excavating the London, a 17th Century Second Rate Man of War
2016 Grahame Knott The Shipwreck Project and the Art of Survival
2016 Michael Pitts
The Royal Navy's first HMS Invincible
2016 Mike Rowley HMS Pathfinder
2016 Rex Cowan
Four impossible things before breakfast and 'The Ship on Tearing Ledge'
2016 Steve Clarkson
West Indiaman lost on the South Devon Coast

2015 Bob Stone
Virtual Reality imaging for shipwreck archaeology
2015 Dave Parham
The Swash Channel wreck
2015 David JB Smith
Surcouf Revisited : The Life and Death of a Submarine
2015 Leigh Bishop
The Vanishing Dutchman Expedition - Sierra Leone 2014
2015 Neil Dobson Cunningham
SS Central America
2015 Richard Keen
Roman wrecks in the Channel Islands
2015 Richard Larn
The Wreck of the Admiral Gardner
2015 Richard Walker
Project Tiger : Disaster in Lyme Bay

2014 Chris Holwill
Mohegan - The Cornish Titanic
2014 Chris Pater The impact of the MMO and MCZs on our marine heritage
2014 Elena Perez-Alvaro
Human remains on Shipwrecks
2014 Innes McCartney
WWI U-boats
2014 Leo Balai
Slave ship Leusden Project
2014 Martin Dean
Recent Adus-DeepOcean surveys - CSS Georgia to Costa Concordia
2014 Peter Holt
HNS Amethyst
2014 Sean Kingsley
Black Rats & Spanish Pearls: the 1622 Tortugas Wreck

2013 Andy Seddon 5 Year mission of BSAC Regional Expedition Diving Scheme to seek new wreck locations in Croatia
2013 Fred Hocker Vasa: Old myths and new research
2013 Guido Gay Battleship Roma
2013 Jon Parlour
The Catharina von Flensburg
2013 Nick Hall The replication and testing of Tudor naval guns
2013 Peter Day Royal Charter
2013 Ray Ives
His Life Diving
2013 Steve Clarkson
HMS Venerable - A forgotten man-o-war
2013 Steve Mortimer & Rick Ayrton
HMS Stockforce

2012 Andy Seddon 5 Year mission of BSAC Regional Expedition Diving Scheme to seek new wreck locations in Croatia
2012 Brett Phaneuf and Pal Nyomen Recent Shipwreck Discoveries in Norway
2012 Mark Dunkley
Update on EH's position
2012 Mark Ellyatt HMS Victoria - From Discovery till Today
2012 Mike Williams
Update on the Marine Management Organisation
2012 Pete Holt
An update on the SHIPS Project in Plymouth
2012 Rex Cowan
An end to exploration and adventure? - What more will we see of VOC shipwrecks?
2012 Richard Larn
30 years of Westcountry shipwreck projects
2012 Sean Fisher Tenacity and Technology

2011 Ayse Devrim Atauz
Shipwrecks of the Deep Ocean
2011 Mark Dunkley
The Future of English Heritage
2011 Neil Cunningham Dobson
The Mystery of La Marquise de Tornay - The English Channel Wreck of an 18th Century French Privateer
2011 Nikolaus von und zu Sandizell and Alejandro Miraba Shipwrecks in Indonesian territorial waters
2011 Pete Holt and Martin Davis
SHIPS Project and Wrecks of Plymouth
2011 Steven Schwankert
The Real Poseidon Adventure: Britain's Lost Submarine in China.
2011 Ted Crosby
Project Highball
2011 Teresa Tellus
Behind the expeditions: RMS Lusitania

2010 Dante Bartoli 2nd Century B.C. Shipwreck in Capraia
2010 David Mearns
HMAS Sydney - WWII Light Cruiser
2010 Innes McCartney
HMS Audacious (WWI Super-Dreadnought
2010 Jim Tyson
Bronze Age Find - copper alloy and gold artefacts)
2010 John Riley
Modelling Shipwrecks
2010 Sean Kingsley
HMS Victory - 1st Rate 100 guns

2009 Bob Peacock Recent finds in the English Channel
2009 David Mearns
The Discovery of HMAS Sydney
2009 Mike Rowley Deep wreck exploration off Lebanon
2009 Mike Williams
Marine Provision of the Heritage Bill
2009 Neville Oldham
The role of women at sea at the time of Trafalgar
2009 Nigel Overton The history of the Eddystone Lighthouse
2009 Professor Ufuk Korabas The Yenikapi Byzantine Shipwrecks
2009 The Receiver of Wreck A background to her duties

2008 Innes MacCartney
North Cornwall's Mystery U-boats - 3 lost submarines identified
2008 Mike Williams
Merchant or Quasi Warship? The Storaa and the Court of Appeal
2008 Paola Palma
A scientific strategy for in situ stabilization of wreck
2008 Richard Larne and Alan Jones
Mapping Our Shipwreck Heritage
2008 Sarah Ward
Zheng He Treasure Ships
2008 Savas Karakas
The lost submarines of the Dardanelles campaign - Gallipoli
2008 Selcuk Kolay
WW2 U-boats off the Turkish Black Sea coast

2007 Alex Hildred
The Rooswijk - a Dutch East Indiaman on the Goodwin Sands
2007 Chris Holt
The Wager Quest - 'luck and earthquakes'
2007 Dan Burton
Photographing Deep Wrecks
2007 Dave Parham & Paola Palma
2007 Dr Michael Flecker
Maritime archaeology in South-East Asia. Six Asian Wrecks - 9th to 17th century
2007 Mark Dunkley
The Value of Historic Wreck Sites
2007 Richard Larn
The 1707 Disaster - The 300th anniversary of the sinking of Admiral Sir Clowdisley Shovell's fleet

2006 Brian Clargo
Touching Titanic - Four hours at 3774m in a Russian submersible on the wreck of theTitanic
2006 Innes McCartney
The Holland 5 Submarine
2006 Jim Tyson
3000 Years of Shipwrecks in Salcombe From the Bronze Age to the Age of Sail
2006 Martin Dean
Recent Advances in Shipwreck Studies with Multibeam Echo Sounders Mapping marine archaeological site
2006 Mike O'Meara
Gold from HMS Edinburgh - The recovery of four tons of gold from 245m down in the Barents Sea
2006 Robert Stenuit
GRASP and the wreck of the Girona

2005 Greg Stemm & Neil Cunningham-Dobson
Excavating the Republic
2005 Henry Alexander
The Life and Death of the Liverpool Barque - Dryad
2005 Jens Auer
The Princes Channel Wreck
2005 Jon Parlour
Diving the wrecks of Narvik
2005 Richard Larn
The UK Shipwreck Index and forthcoming
2005 Rod Macdonald
The wrecks of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse
2005 Simon Spooner
The White House Bay Wreck

2004 Ian Oxley
English Heritage and Shipwrecks: Maritime Beyond the National Heritage Act (2002)
2004 Kimberly Monk
The Archaeology of Great Lakes Ships
2004 Michael Pitts
Filming Deep Wrecks
2004 Per Sebak and Kevin Heath
Titanic's Predecessor - The SS Norge Disaster of 1904
2004 Richard Larn and Mike Williams
The Wreck of the Schiller

2003 David Mearns
The Wrecks of Vicente & Bras Sodre - Uncles to Vasco da Gama
2003 David Moore
The Blackbeard Shipwreck Project
2003 Jon Parlour
Die Frau Metta Catharina von Flensburg - 30 Years On
2003 Kevin Camidge
HMS Colossus 2002 - The Truth
2003 Kirst MacRae Ex-HMS Scylla - The UK's 1st Artificial Reef
2003 Neil Dobson
HMS Sussex - Deep Water Archaeology in the Mediterranean
2003 Robert F. Marx
Underwater Archaeology Around the World

2002 David Mearns
Hood and Bismarck : The Deepsea Search for an Epic Battle
2002 Graeme Spink Wrecks on Film
2002 Innes McCartney
Operation Deadlight Expedition
2002 Leigh Bishop
Photographing Deep British Wrecks
2002 Martin Dean
HMS Colossus
2002 Mike Bowyer The H5 Submarine
2002 Simon Spooner
The Perfume Wreck

2001 Annabel Lawrence
The Final Voyage of HMS Pandora (1791)
2001 Marc Jasinski
A semantic question : Does the French OEIL translate into the English FOOT ?
2001 Mark Reeves Deep Diving on HMS Dasher (1943)
2001 Michael House The Wreck of the Hope (1748) on Chesil Beach
2001 Rex Cowan and Alex Hildred
Recovering Artefacts from the Vliegend Hart (1735)
2001 Veronica Robbins The amnesty and the 'Adopt a Wreck' scheme

2000 Bob Peacock The Stirling Castle
2000 Moya Crawford Deep Water Salvage
2000 Pat Clyne
The Future of our History
2000 Richard Larn
The Sinking of the Submarine M1
2000 Seljuk Kolay
The Wreck of the Submarine AE2: Technical Diving and Archaeology in Turkey
2000 Stephen Trow Towards a Policy for Marine Archaeology in the UK

1999 Craig Forrest
1999 David Peake Wreck Photography
1999 Greg Stemm
The Melkarth Phoenecian Wreck
1999 Jon Adams
Deepwater Archaeology the Diving Range and Beyond
1999 Martin Read & Dan Staples
The Wreck of the James Eagan Layne
1999 Pat Clyne
The Search for the Atocha
1999 Richard Larn
The Wreck of the Cita

1998 Dan Burton
Diving the Britannic
1998 Jim Tyson & Andy Elliott
The Salcombe Gold Wreck
1998 Karla Graham Exeter Conservation of Finds
1998 Mike Williams
Designation - A New Legal Challenge
1998 Nick Strange & Martin Webb Using PhotoModeler
1998 Paul Dart
Resurgam - 1997
1998 Veronica Robbins Update on Reporting Finds

1997 Alan Aberg Ancient Monument Act Amendments
1997 Alex Hildred
Mary Rose Developments
1997 Clive Gardener Making a Historical Diving Video
1997 Craig Forrest
International Wreck Law
1997 John Mayo-Evans Minnehaha on Mix
1997 Peter McBride
1997 Richard Larn
The Hanover

1996 Dan Burton
Deep Wreck Survey and Photography
1996 Dave Parham
Tudor Shipwreck on Alderney
1996 Garry Momber
Mulberry Harbour Survey Project
1996 Mike Williams
Legal Aspects of Shipwreck
1996 Phil Robertson Sound of Mull and Lundy Island Projects
1996 Richard Larn
Treasure Wreck on the Goodwin Sands

1995 Alex Hildred
Excavation and Conservation of Guns of the Mary Rose
1995 David Whiting The Story of the Campen
1995 Jim Tyson
Erme Estuary Ingots
1995 Rex Cowan
Voices from the Sea
1995 Richard Larn
Progress in Compiling a National Index of Shipwrecks
1995 Rudi Roth Cannons
1995 Simon Burton Update of the Teignmouth Historic Wreck Site

1994 Alan Aberg Work of the Royal Commission
1994 Christopher Dobbs Commercial Diving in Archaeology
1994 John Bevan The Deane Brothers
1994 John Heath Lundy cannons
1994 Mike Williams
Lord of the Manor Rights
1994 Neville Oldham
Erme Estuary Update
1994 Richard Larn
The Lostwithiel barge

1993 Alex Hildred
Excavation and conservation of the guns of the Mary Rose
1993 David Whiting The story of the Campen
1993 Jim Tyson
Erne Estuary Ingots
1993 Rex Cowan
Voices from the sea
1993 Richard Larn
National Index of Shipwrecks
1993 Rudi Roth Cannons!
1993 Simon Burton Update on the Teignmouth historic wreck

1992 Jim Tyson & Neville Oldham
Erme Estuary
1992 John Bingeman Six Historic Wrecks of the Solent
1992 Jon Adams
NAS Educational Policy
1992 Martin Woodward Bembridge Maritime and Shipwreck Centre
1992 Nick Baker Historical Diving
1992 Richard Larn
Who Invented the Aqualung?

1991 Alexander McKee Mary Rose
1991 J.P. Derriman Treasures of Research
1991 Martin Dean
The Archaeological Diving Unit
1991 Martin Read
1991 Mike Sullivan Use of the ROV
1991 Nick Baker Historical Diving

1990 Alexander McKee The Hazardous
1990 Ed Cumming The Earl of Abergavenny
1990 James Derriman Maritime History Research
1990 Keith Boulton The Teignmouth Wreck Site
1990 Nick Baker The Garrona
1990 Steve Birch Armada Wrecks in Ireland

1989 Alexander Flinder My experiences in archaeology
1989 Bob Williams Magnetometers and navigational aids
1989 Bob Yorke Proposals for a new national policy
1989 Colin Carpenter Cannons
1989 Dr Basil Greenhill The development of the wooden ship
1989 Paul Dart
The Catherina site and recent award
1989 Steve Burch Discovering two armada wrecks

1988 Bryan Lonsdale The History of Magnetic Search; De Liefde, Hollandia, Princess Maria, Svecia, the Future
1988 Howard Murray Recoveries fromáSS Medina
1988 Mike Haig The National Scene / NAS Part 1
1988 Paul Dart
The Metta Catharina von Flensburg
1988 Roy Davis The Asparagus Island Wreck
1988 Simon Aked HMS Invincible
1988 Tony Randall An Update - the St Anthony
1988 Tony Randall An Update - the Schiedam

1987 Alan Bax HMS Coronation
1987 Basil Greenhill Westcountrymen in Prince Edward Isle
1987 Clive Carter Beach wreck in Cornwall
1987 Colin Carpenter Guns
1987 Oliver Padel Cornish coastal names
1987 Reg Vallentine The Story of Diving
1987 Roy Davies NAS SW Activities
1987 Tiny Randall Schiedam
1987 Unknown The Studland Bay site

1985 J. Clarke HMS Edinburgh
1985 Jon Adams
The Amsterdam
1985 M. Nix SS Flora
1985 Peter McBride
HMS Ramillies
1985 Richard Larn
Submarine M1
1985 S Shaw SS Iona

1983 John Holman Catharina von Flensburg
1983 Martin Dean
The Future of Nautical Archaeology
1983 Peter McBride
HMS Coronation
1983 Phil Burton The Teignmouth Wreck
1983 Rex Cowan
The Hollandia and Prinses Maria
1983 Richard Larn
St Anthony Wreck
1983 Richard Larn
1983 Roy Graham Bartholomew Ledge Site